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Physical Therapists in The Twin Cities and Surrounding Areas, MN

Physical therapy is an invaluable resource for those who’ve experienced neck and back injuries or head trauma. Workplace, driving, and even home injuries occur frequently—and even persistent neck pain can mask deep-rooted nerve issues which can impact one’s comfort, flexibility, and overall health.

Your physical therapists in Minneapolis, MN is here to help. Brookdale Health provides relief for those in pain—helping suffering patients reacquire comfort, health, and wellness. Each Brookdale Health treatment option is powered by some of the medical world’s most efficient physical therapy approaches. Whether you need physical therapy for an auto accident injury, strains, damaged joints, or nerve pain—we’re here to help.

Physical Therapy for Head, Back, and Neck Pain

Physical therapy is a profession that evaluates, manages, and treats the pains and dysfunctions caused by the head, back, and neck injuries. Sometimes, these injuries have been caused by direct trauma, whiplash, or other accidents. Sometimes, they’re simply the result of joint, ligament, or nerve wear-and-tear.

An effective physical therapy program focuses on improving your physical and functional abilities alike—helping you overcome the chronic pain, headaches, and daily stresses of daily post-injury life. Physical therapy for auto injuries, slip-and-fall cases, strains, and nerve damage is intricately designed to heal injured tissue, improve your range of motion, and strengthen your muscles.

Our clinic developed to have experts treat auto injuries.

Education, Protection, and Prevention

Our physical therapists in Minneapolis prioritize education and intensive medical know-how to help patients prevent future injuries. Each therapy program helps patients stabilize their joints, decrease pain, and reach new levels of flexibility. From physical therapy for auto injuries to mobility exercises, our location's options are varied to treat most head, neck, and back issues. From whiplash injury recovery to sciatica pain reduction, each approach engages patients on relatable, easygoing terms.

Each of our Doctors of Physical Therapy utilizes specialized techniques derived from years of advanced training. Our physical therapists in Minneapolis work individually with patients, crafting custom-tailored programs that prioritize the individual’s unique needs.


The Brookdale Health team is specially trained in MedX care—assisting patients with the industry’s top equipment and physical therapy approaches. MedX equipment was invented by Nautilus Sports Medicine creator, Arthur Jones, reimagining the modern physician’s approach to reducing back pain.

MedX technology isolates the lower back muscles, activating and strengthening them to revitalize damaged areas. MedX is proven to be successful at neck and lower back pain treatment, harnessing the gentle power of spinal manipulation to stabilize disabled areas and prevent future back pain.

Our physical therapists in Minneapolis, MN, consider patients to be family. If you or a loved one has sustained an auto accident injury, deal with persistent headaches, suffer from neck pain, or struggle with back pain, don’t hesitate to seek treatment today.

Brookdale Health serves the Twin Cities and surrounding areas (Minneapolis, Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Crystal, Robbinsdale, Plymouth, Maple Grove, Golden Valley, and New Hope) we-are always ready to help residents find relief. Contact us today at (763) 561-4045 to speak with a physician, and take your first steps towards full recovery.​​​​​​​

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