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“ Brookdale Health has been amazing with helping me during my recovery stage. The receptionists are kind. The physical therapists and chiropractors are great. My massages are always relaxing, comfortable, and helpful. ”

Sierra R.

Very friendly. They did a great job with everything. It's a very nice place to come if you need physical therapy or any kind of injury therapy. The staff if great.”

Mike J.

“ Everyone is so friendly and extremely helpful! I am so happy to have found Brookdale Health in my time of need. They helped with every stress I had due to my injury and dealing with my property damage. I received top notch service! Very professional!”

Ameera N.

“I love the team. They are helpful with my areas of pain. The staff if very nice. I love it here. Thank you for having me and helping me with getting better.”

Versie S.

“Brookdale Health is the go to place! I appreciate everyone from the bottom of my heart. I am very impressed with the massage therapists and the doctors. They are very attentive, very informative, and answered all of my questions. The physical therapists are very friendly, very helpful, very encouraging, and they know how to keep a conversation. The front desk person, LaToya, knows me by name. She always greets me with a smile and her customer service skills are on point.”

Angelique M.

“It was very good. It helped with my tightness. It got rid of me headache and helped me a lot. I was very tight when I came in. Thank you very much. My pain feels better. The staff is always nice and very helpful. The care is very good.

Monique W.

“The treatment I had here at Brookdale Health is amazing. There is no place to compare to Brookdale Health with the physical therapy team, doctors of chiropractic, massage team, and the front desk staff are truly nice people. They care about their patients. I recommend all people who are injured to check out Brookdale Health. Oh I forgot, the flexible schedule is very helpful too. Thank you. I really love you all.”

Abdirahman D.

“Thanks very much for the services and especially how concerned they were for me during the time of my injury. Brookdale Health was able to put me back on my feet after experiencing multiple accidents. This puts me in the position to recommend anybody anytime to Brookdale Health for the best care. Thanks.”

James S.

“I really enjoy coming to Brookdale Health. The staff is so friendly. I love them so much. They are getting me back together. I received three services: PT, chiropractic, and massage. Keep up the good work!”

Rodalles G.

“I have felt a reduction of pain since being treated here for injury due to a vehicle accident. Good results thus far. Thank your staff.”

​​​​​​​Walter Y.

“Brookdale Health is a great experience after a horrible one. I started with sleepless nights with unbearable pain. I am beginning to get my life back in a short amount of time.”

​​​​​​​Bruce D.

“I am very satisfied with all of the treatment I received at Brookdale Health. Every professional I met is polite. It is a convenient location for me. Anytime I call to come, I was accommodated. My pain and dizziness subsided significantly. I am thankful to everyone. ”

Ibsa D.

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“I have been going here for pain relief from multiple accidents and they have helped more than any of the specialists I’ve seen. I highly recommend them. ”

​​​​​​​John B.

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“1st visit as an urgent walk-in & seen immediately. Awesome! ”

​​​​​​​Nicole S. G.

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“I so appreciate the chiro treatments! Thank you for helping me feel better. ”

​​​​​​​Chris D.

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“I have been coming to Brookdale Health every since I endured a terrible car accident on New Years Eve in 2016. They helped me to recover in an excellent way. Everyone was so kind, helpful and respectful. Subsequently I continue to come back for “tune ups” as I need and they never fail to have me feeling my best. I’d recommend them to anyone I know who needs chiropractic and/or PT to get back to feeling normal. ”

​​​​​​​Tracy W.

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