Meet the Founder

Kent Erickson, DC


Dr. Kent Erickson established Brookdale Health in 1982. The clinic started as a strictly chiropractic clinic and developed to include other professionals to allow the clinic to provide the best care.

Dr. Erickson does not currently treat patients, but treated for over 25 years and is responsible that the vision and mission of the clinic.

Dr. Erickson’s initial degree in health care was chiropractic, but through experience has realized that a combination of treatments and providers is often what is best for the patient and what the patient wants. Health providers working together and communicating in the patient’s best interest is our focus.

Dr. Erickson completed three nationally recognized whiplash programs: The Whiplash Masters’ Certification Program, the Spinal Trauma Certification Program, and CRASH 2001. He continues to gain up-to-date knowledge and information about spinal trauma and MVC injuries as well as advanced training in integrative health techniques.

For over six (6) years, Dr. Erickson served as the Executive Director of the Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners (MBCE), the State’s regulatory agency for the chiropractic health profession. He has worked on various committees and task forces for the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry concerning the treatment of work-related injuries and disabilities.

He is an active member of both the Minnesota Chiropractic Association (MCA) and the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), which have been established to educate the public about the benefits and appropriateness of chiropractic care. He currently serves on the MCA’s Legislative Committee and Practice Treatment Guidelines Committee.

In addition to these responsibilities, he was chairman of the MCA Political Action Committee, working to ensure chiropractic treatment remains readily available to Minnesotans. He was on the Board of Trustees for Northwestern Health Sciences University for 10 years and Chairman for 6 years of these years. Dr. Erickson served as interim President of Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2013/2014. He currently is part of the MCA and insurance federation auto injury task force to improve Minnesota no-fault auto insurance policies through legislation.

​​​​​​​Dr. Erickson enjoys golfing, boating, motorcycling, and fishing. He typically golfs regularly and does most of this in Florida where most of his siblings have moved. Boating in Florida with friends and family is very relaxing and a great break in the winter months. Summer has Sturgis as a regular event that allows enjoyment of the outdoors and seeing a different part of American culture. Fishing in Canada or Florida is always enjoyable.

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