About Us


  • We obtain our fulfillment by improving our patients' lives through mind and body; one person at a time. We care about our patients' health and welfare.

  • Our Priorities: Patients are First, our team follows, then our individual wants and desires.

  • We are an effective, efficient, dedicated team of experts who possess strong work ethics, are goal-oriented, and have a desire to learn. We are caring, friendly, fun, and punctual with present time consciousness.

  • We are committed to: using innovation, creating the ideal healing environment, using productive technology, developing our expert knowledge, and providing expert treatment but knowing our success is dependent on the uncompromising service we provide to our patients.

  • We care about our team members' health and welfare and encourage individual growth. Our team works with trust, loyalty, and camaraderie for our common goals.

  • We understand funding is required to realize our vision and seek opportunities to increase the financial strength of our clinic to allow for continuous improvement.

​​​​​​​About Us

  • The patient comes first! All of our decisions are made with our patients' interests first.

  • Brookdale Health is the best possible place for patient treatment. We get results. Our treatment is cost-effective, non-invasive, and progressive.

  • All our services are at one location. We provide chiropractic, physical therapy, and advanced rehabilitation services in one location, which enables patients to return to a functional state faster.

  • We have advanced training and have over 40 years of experience treating auto accident patients.

  • We handle all that paperwork! The forms, information requests, exams, and more!

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