Concussion Treatment

A concussion is often perceived as solely a brain injury, but there is so much more involved that affect your mind and body. Studies have shown a combination of physical therapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy has a positive impact on concussion symptoms. Here at Brookdale Health, we know that the entire body can benefit from multi-disciplinary care regardless of where the injury is located. We encourage anyone who has been involved in an auto accident injury to get evaluated by our experienced doctors.

concussion treatment

Concussion Treatment from an Auto Injury Chiropractor

A concussion is caused by the head being jarred so hard that the brain hits against the skull, bruising the brain. This can cause all sorts of side effects from dizziness and headaches to memory loss and depression. Some of these issues can also be a result of damage to the neck and upper spine. Any impact that is strong enough to cause a concussion is also strong enough to possibly injure the neck and upper spine. Since the brain, however, is connected to every other part of the nervous system, a concussion can be thought of as a whole-body injury.

By readjusting any problems an auto accident may have created in the neck and back, we help eliminate the symptoms that are coming from those injuries. Sometimes, there are hidden injuries that can cause symptoms to appear more than two weeks after the auto accident. Getting alignment and following some additional guidelines such as limiting strenuous activity and avoiding lights such as those coming from televisions and computers, you will have a greater chance of feeling better in less amount of time. Keep in mind that both the brain and your spine are central to how your entire body feels. You will need time to recover from your concussion.

​​​​​​​Auto Injury Treatment in Minneapolis

If you are seeking auto injury treatment in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas (Minneapolis, Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Crystal, Robbinsdale, Plymouth, Maple Grove, Golden Valley, and New Hope) and you have suffered a concussion, give the staff at Brookdale Health a call to set up an initial consultation. We will perform a thorough evaluation and help you determine the best course of care for you. Call us today.

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