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Why Choose Brookdale Health to Treat Your Motor Vehicle Crash (MVC) Injury?

  • We have advanced education and expert knowledge on how to treat many MVC injuries. We have made it our primary focus to treat MVC injuries. We have personally trained through three nationally recognized whiplash programs: The Whiplash Masters Certification Program, the Spinal Trauma Certification Program, and CRASH.

  • We strive to provide you with the best care to resolve your injuries as quickly as possible.

  • We have been in business for over 40 years.

  • We have a multi-disciplinary clinic structure with a significant emphasis on physical rehabilitation, including physical therapy and chiropractic.

  • Our insurance office will bill and collect payment from your No-Fault insurer, on your behalf.

  • Our staffing structure caters to the individual needs of each patient. Our Patient Relations Staff is dedicated to handling your specific needs, including scheduling transportation, scheduling outside consultations, off work and return to work issues, wage loss and mileage reimbursement issues, and helping to fill out any insurance and employment forms.

  • When an insurance company requests information (such as treatment records, responses to specific injury-related questions, etc…) or your employer requests information (such as off work or documentation of work restrictions), we have procedures in place to promptly take care of these requests for you.

  • Brookdale Health has a good reputation with insurers, patients, and attorneys in our community…please contact us if you need a reference.

Clinic Philosophy

We work to provide effective and excellent outcomes for patients through the coordination and collaboration of natural health care and conventional medicine. Our clinic offers a variety of health services that focus on low-tech, conservative treatment first when appropriate. We combine our natural approach with referrals to a network of quality-driven medical professionals when in your best interest. Our mission is to provide you with the best health care available. Click here to read our mission.

Children's Room

We would like to make your treatment at Brookdale Health as comfortable, convenient, and effective as possible. We have a playroom available for your children’s enjoyment – with a large fish tank, TV, a selection of DVDs, and books.


Transportation to and from our clinic is available for patients who have been involved in an accident when their vehicle is unavailable due to the crash.

Call our Patient Services staff at (763) 561-4045 to coordinate your transportation.

Our Personal Injury Specialist will help you fill out paperwork, help you understand the insurance process, and make attorney recommendations.

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