Auto Injury Treatment for Headaches

Car accidents cause a host of different injuries, including headaches. As you go through your recovery, physical therapy can help you strengthen muscles and reduce strain. Massage therapy can provide your muscles with the relaxation and circulation they need in order to heal. At Brookdale Health in Minneapolis, MN, we provide chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, and massage therapy for patients dealing with injuries sustained in an auto accident.

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How Headaches Caused by Auto Accidents Can be Treated through Chiropractic Care

When you visit Brookdale Health for the first time for an auto accident injury, you will go through a careful assessment to identify what is wrong. Chiropractic care can offer your body the support it needs after the shock you sustain in a car accident. Your treatment will depend on your symptoms. If you are suffering from headaches after your accident, the doctors of chiropractic will perform chiropractic adjustments to your cervical spine to ensure your body is in proper alignment. The massage therapist will help soothe the injured musculoskeletal support structures. This will ease your symptoms and encourage your body to heal.

Chiropractic Care and Auto Accident Recovery

A chiropractor will take a look at how your body is currently functioning in order to provide you with the care you need to heal. Adjustments will be gentle and focus on areas of your spine that are out of alignment. After an auto accident, many people deal with whiplash which can cause severe headaches. Chiropractic care along with massage therapy and physical therapy can help you feel much better.

Physical Therapy After an Auto Accident

Physical therapy can provide the additional support you need when you are trying to recover from an auto accident injury. It involves light exercise and manual therapy to improve circulation, address scar tissue, and increase mobility. These methods help reduce the severity and frequency of tension headaches caused by a traumatic accident. You can work with a chiropractor and a physical therapist throughout your care. They are complementary and safe to use together to speed up your recovery process. Physical therapy can help improve the strength of your muscles and decrease poor compensatory strategies that develop from pain and stiffness.

Visit an Auto Injury Chiropractor Today

For auto injury treatment in Minneapolis and the surrounding area, contact Brookdale Health at (763) 561-4045 and set up a FREE initial consultation. We will take a careful look at your injuries and develop a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to meet your needs. From physical therapy to chiropractic adjustments, we can help you recover from your headache pain and other symptoms following an auto accident.

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