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Recover Faster from a Car Accident With Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Care

Every year, there are more than six million auto accidents in the United States. Most of them result in minor, severe, or life-threatening injuries. Many of the minor injuries do not present visible signs of injury. This is why official figures often fail to factor them in. When you suffer a minor injury after a car accident, you may not experience any symptoms immediately.


Types of Musculoskeletal Injuries


You can sustain many different musculoskeletal injuries after an auto accident. Chiropractors commonly treat whiplash, herniated disks, and sprains and strains. They treat spinal cord damage and dislocations. They also treat fractured bones, and ligaments, tendons, and muscle tears.


Symptoms of Musculoskeletal Car Accident Injuries


It is not always easy to identify that you have a musculoskeletal injury after a car accident. This is because many of the symptoms of this type of injury may seem to be unrelated and appear slowly. Some of the symptoms to look out for include swelling, discomfort or pain, difficulty moving normally, and redness. You may also experience strange sensations in your extremities. Chiropractic and physical therapy care can help to resolve your symptoms and restore you to full health.


How Chiropractic Care and Physical Therapy Can Help You Recover Faster


Chiropractic care is the use of massages, manual adjustments, and body manipulations. These help to align the musculoskeletal system. This will help restore blood flow around the body and reduce inflammation. Consequently, your injuries will heal faster than they might otherwise. Chiropractic care and physical therapy help to avoid the need for surgical procedures.


Besides, it will save you from being reliant on pain meds to help you cope with pain or discomfort while your body heals. It helps you to manage pain and expedite healing. Chiropractic and physical therapy care also benefit you in many other ways. One of the most important benefits is the restoration of joint function and mobility.


This restoration will result in a reduction in inflammation. With reduced inflammation thanks to chiropractic care, joints feel less painful and less restricted when you try to move them. Subsequently, you will be able to regain full range of motion much faster, with little need for physical therapy.


Some of the reasons why you should consider having physical therapy after an auto accident include:


  • It supports the recovery process. After getting a spinal adjustment from your chiropractor, physical therapy will help strengthen your muscles.

  • Physical therapy helps to prevent long-term damage. It will also help you avoid chronic pain stemming from micro-tears in your muscle tissue and torn ligaments.

  •  Active rehabilitation can help to reduce pain. Nutrients and oxygenated blood will pump through movement to the injured area of your body. This will allow your body to heal faster.

  •  Physical therapy helps to restore physical capabilities after a car accident. If you allow your injuries to heal in the wrong way, you may end up experiencing a limited range of motion than before.


Chiropractic care also improves the quality of sleep, nerve function, and increases energy. You will also experience a reduction in stress and tension in your body and mind, as well as balanced moods.


To learn more about chiropractic care & physical therapy after a car accident, contact Brookdale Health at (763) 561-4045 to schedule an appointment.

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