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Common Injuries from Car Accidents

Your car isn’t the only thing that’s likely to suffer damage from a motor vehicle accident. The collision can wreak havoc on the body as well. The seriousness of the trauma depends on various factors. These include the number of cars involved in the crash, road conditions, and whether you were wearing a seatbelt. Here are some of the common injuries you might get from car accidents:




This refers to a neck injury resulting from the sudden movement of the head. An impact can result in your neck moving vigorously beyond its normal range of motion. When this happens, the neck’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments may sprain or overstretch. Signs of whiplash include neck stiffness, pain when moving your head, and headaches, among others. Aside from car accidents, you can experience pain from whiplash due to a slip or fall.




This is a typical car accident injury that’s caused by force to the head. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to lose your consciousness to determine that you have a concussion. Although, people do lie motionless sometimes following an accident. Some of the common symptoms of a concussion include getting up slowly and difficulty balancing. Other signs are dizziness, looking blank or vacant, and being confused or disoriented. Besides car accidents, you can suffer from a concussion during contact sports and activities that put you at risk of falls. These include cycling, horse-riding, and skiing.


Soft Tissue Injuries


As you know, soft tissues are the connective tissues in your body. These include your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. Injuries to these parts are generally classified as bruises, sprains, and strains. The bruises are usually the easiest to spot. The trauma can cause the capillaries below the skin’s surface to burst, resulting in black and blue markings. A sprain occurs when a ligament stretches or is forced beyond its usual range of movement. On the other hand, a strain involves injuries to the tendons or the muscle itself that’s connected to the bones. Other common soft tissue injuries from car accidents include lacerations or cuts and gashes.


Fractures and Broken Bones


Many people can also experience broken ribs, wrists, arms, legs, or legs in a collision. Some victims even suffer from a fractured pelvis. The seriousness of fractures and broken bones can range from simple breaks to severe or compound fractures. Aside from these, the impact can also result in trauma to the joints and ligaments. These injuries can also cause pain, making it difficult for you to move. Not only will these lead to discomfort, but they can reduce your range of motion, affecting your day-to-day activities.


Anyone who’s involved in a car accident has to seek medical attention immediately. A follow-up consultation with other healthcare professionals within 72 hours is also highly advisable.


Are you interested in holistic treatments that don’t solely rely on medication or other invasive procedures? At Brookdale Health, our experts in auto injuries can apply the wonders of physical therapy, chiropractic medicine, and massage therapy. This way, you can feel better and gain back the life you always enjoyed.


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