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Benefits of Chiropractic Care after a Car Accident

A common way people injure their spines or develop chronic back pain is from a motor vehicle accident. In such a case, the sudden impact jerks and contorts the body in ways that can cause major trauma to both the soft tissues and the spinal column. This is also a leading cause of whiplash for most people. With whiplash, the pain and tenderness are generally in the neck and head area.


Pain in one area of the body can affect all the other areas. The body is out of balance, and this can lead to further injury or a new injury. Chiropractic care assists the body in healing itself and working at an optimum level. There are so many benefits to seeking chiropractic care after a car accident.


Noninvasive Care


Chiropractic manipulation of the spine is noninvasive. It does not involve surgery. While some back injuries can require surgical intervention, targeted chiropractic care can often bring real relief and assist healing so that patients ultimately don’t need surgery.


While surgery may be necessary in some cases, it is never risk-free. Surgery can have complications. It does not guarantee the pain will go away, and there is always a risk of infection. Patients need to weigh their options and decide what is best, but chiropractic care can reduce or eliminate the need for surgery in many cases.


Holistic Approach


Even minor car accidents can cause lingering pain and discomfort. Musculoskeletal adjustments can shorten the recovery time. A chiropractor can also make an assessment and examine the patient to develop a whole-body plan of care that incorporates massage therapy, rehabilitation, and posture correction.


Pain and injury from a car accident, if left untreated, can cascade into new or worsening injuries down the road. Chiropractic care doesn’t just look at the injury, but at the whole body and how the systems interact.


Reduction in Medication


Back pain can be debilitating. Serious car accidents can do major damage, and, in some cases, people suffer from chronic pain for life. Chiropractic care soon after a bad accident is critical to assist the body in recovery. Extreme pain can keep a person from being able to function. Doctors will often prescribe opioid-based pain medication, but these can be very addictive and lead to other long-term health problems.


More and more studies support chiropractic care as a way to minimize or eliminate a person’s reliance on pain medication for back pain.


For Your Mobility


It’s not only major vehicle collisions that can take a person out of commission. Even minor fender benders can cost a person time off work and result in canceled obligations. A chiropractor focuses on reducing pain levels and length of recovery so that patients can experience increased mobility as well.


Car accidents happen to even the most careful of drivers, but the effects can be long-lasting and dire. Chiropractors are adept at developing a holistic and thorough approach to care designed to promote healing. Brookdale Health, located in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, wants patients to feel great for life. Call (763) 561-4045 to start on the road to better health today.

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